Body Harmony Pilates is a 2,300 square foot facility located in the heart of southwest Reno. Designed to be an invigorating retreat where you are able to focus your attention on your personal fitness goals in an encouraging and non-competitive environment. We have spacious locker rooms fully appointed for both men and women. Our retail boutique features lululemon athletica, Zohba, Splits 59, Velvet and more.

Body Harmony Pilates offers a
Monthly Unlimited class program for
students looking to take full advantage of
all the studio has to offer. For one
monthly fee, students can take unlimited
Reformer/Matwork Combo Classes.
It’s the most cost effective way to
build core strength, flexibility,
and overall well being.
Body Harmony Pilates is a fully certified and equipped Pilates studio utilizing all the original apparatus.The expert teachers of Body Harmony create individualized movement programs specifically tailored to meet the needs and goals of our Private clients. This one-on-one attention results in a customized fitness program designed to create strength, flexibility, and vitality.
Semi-Private Sessions include the full repertoire of Pilates movement utilizing all of the original Pilates equipment. Semi-Private Sessions are a great way to gain the necessary equipment experience to participate in group Reformer classes. Semi-Private Pilates Sessions are most effective when both individuals share common goals, physical considerations, and ability levels.
Reformer classes are an excellent way to enhance your Pilates practice. This group class is conducted on the Reformer as well as the Pilates Wunda Chair, Small Barrel and Ped-i-Pul in order to create the most comprehensive Pilates workout. In small groups of 4, students receive personalized attention while being lead through a workout designed to challenge endurance, flexibility and overall strength. Reservations are required.
This class is designed to give you a personal training experience within a semi-private group setting. The Pilates Matwork is enhanced by adding the addition of the spring resistance from the Reformer. In this class you will spend 30 minutes on the mat and 30 minutes on the Reformer, resulting in the perfect combination of strength & length!
Body Harmony Pilates offers small group cycling classes to provide students with a superior cardio conditioning program. Harmony Cycling incorporates the use of lightweights to tone and define the upper body. Elements of core conditioning are also employed to make this class one of the most efficient workouts available.
Body Harmony Pilates
We are passionate about incorporating complimentary modalities so that our clients are able to achieve the most profound results possible. In order to ensure the highest caliber of instruction in addition to consistent quality in instruction for all clients, all of our Pilates instructors have completed the prestigious Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program. This Internationally recognized program leads the Pilates industry in Pilates education. Continuing education is of the utmost importance to all BHP staff. This commitment is evident in that all of our Pilates instructors have the distinction of being a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA-CPT).
The Dailey Method
Visit our partner studio to experience The Bay Area’s premier barre workout. The Dailey Method will lengthen, tone & strengthen your entire body with ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching and orthopedic exercises.
Sarah Egan

Sarah began practicing Fletcher Pilates while attending the University of Arizona. While completing her BFA - Magna Cum Laude in Dance at the U of A, Sarah entered the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program (formerly the Ron Fletcher Program of Study) in 2000 and became a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher in 2004. Sarah then completed a year and a half (over 3,000 client hours) of teaching Fletcher Pilates at Body Works Studio in Tucson, Arizona, prior to moving to Reno, Nevada.

In February 2007 Sarah opened Body Harmony Pilates. Sparked by her interest in human health and wellness Sarah entered the Masters program for Public Health at the University of Nevada, Reno and earned her graduate degree in December 2007. Sarah is also a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher.

Amanda Udvare

Amanda was introduced to Fletcher Pilates while attending The University of Arizona. After finishing her degree with a BS in Nutritional Sciences and a minor in Chemistry she started working at Body Works Studio in Tucson. Being in this environment intrigued her enough to begin training at Body Works through Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program (formerly the Ron Fletcher Program of Study). After completion of the Pilates training Amanda began working full time and taught over 2800 hours in Tucson.

Ready to take her career to the next level Amanda joined Sarah in Reno to expand Body Harmony Pilates. Amanda is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher.

Bonnie Lafave

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor" - Joseph Pilates

How true those words are to Bonnie Lafave who begin her journey into the Pilates and Fitness field not long after the birth of her son, Brandon, 1995. Bonnie decided to follow her passion in Pilates after being behind a desk in executive secretarial positions since graduating from college in 1987. Her most recent accomplishment is becoming a Fletcher Pilates® Qualified Teacher through her completion of the year-long Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in January 2010. Before becoming a Qualified Teacher, Bonnie was a Fletcher Pilates® Licensed Provider of Fletcher Floorwork and Fletcher Spine Corrector Work. In addition, Bonnie is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, is Certified in The Method Pilates through PhysicalMind Institute (Apparatus, mat & Standing Pilates) and holds an AFAA Group Exercise Instructor certification and is CPR certified.

Always eager to learn more and incredibly passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates to her clients, she attends national training conferences in Pilates and fitness to further enhance her skills. For Bonnie, the journey has just begun! Bonnie and her husband, Jim, who works in the technology industry for Apple, Inc., reside in Genoa, NV.

Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from Sierra Nevada College. She has been training and teaching fitness since 1996. With over a decade of time spent working in the fitness industry she has also taught High School PE/Dance for three years while coaching soccer, tennis and dance team.

Ashley enjoys working with clients of all levels and abilities. She has a passion for health and fitness, which she loves sharing with others. Ashley believes that with movement such as Pilates, Yoga, and aerobics life long fitness can be achieved. Ashley first experienced Pilates training five years ago and has been teaching Pilates for three years. She is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to Body Harmony.

Ashley is Fletcher Pilates® and Stott Pilates trained in mat, reformer, cadillac, chair, and barrels. She is ACE Certified in personal training and group fitness. She holds an AFFA Certified Group Fitness Instructor certification as well. She is a Schwinn, Reebok, and Keiser certified cycle instructor. She has completed a 200 hour Yoga training and is certified to teach yoga.

Her fitness philosophy is:

Don't take your health for granted - use it before you lose it by employing discipline, dedication, and determination.

Nicole Shutt
In 2012 Nicole completed her BFA - Magna Cum Laude in Dance at the University of Arizona. While attending UofA, Nicole was introduced to Fletcher Pilates in a Pilates class for dancers. Dancing since the age of four Nicole knew her passion for movement would continue into her professional career. She became intrigued with the Martha Graham based movement elements incorporated into Fletcher Pilates and was inspired to learn to teach this Lineage of the Pilates Method. Nicole completed her Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program training in August 2012. Shortly after, she returned to her hometown of Reno, Nevada to join Body Harmony Pilates. She has also completed the training requirements to teach for Body Harmony's sister studio, The Dailey Method.
Sonja Liu

Sonja graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with her B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. She was a competitive swimmer for nine years and is continually looking for new ways to challenge her body.

She has always been active in outdoor sports and makes it a point to incorporate physical activity into her everyday lifestyle. Sonja has had the excellent fortune of being able to travel around the world and in all of her travels she always tries to explore by running, hiking, snowboarding, and surfing the terrain she encounters.

Her mentality toward being active changed when she found out she had scoliosis. She realized developing core strength and proper alignment would benefit her greatly in avoiding any spinal surgery.

Sonja fell in love with the The Dailey Method for its strong focus on alignment and the intense physical challenge. Currently, she is training to become a Dailey Method instructor. Sonja will continue her education to become a Certified Pilates Instructor.

A. (puh-LAH-teez) is a total body physical conditioning program designed by Joseph H. Pilates during the 1920s. The Pilates work is different from a basic conditioning program in that the primary goal is to strengthen and balance the body from the inside out, by integrating both the large and small muscle groups. Pilates works the whole body deeply without repetitive or ballistic movements. The movements in the Pilates vocabulary are fluid yet rhythmic, performed with precision, concentration, awareness and control. Focused breath patterns guide the body’s energy through all of the flowing movements, which in turn increases lung capacity and improves total body circulation. The ultimate goal of the Pilates method is a uniformly developed body and mind. The benefits of the Pilates method are a centered and well balanced body, elongated spine, flexible joints, increased stamina and heightened body awareness. Pilates is for everybody and every body type. The end result of a comprehensive Pilates program is overall strength, flexibility, vitality and endurance. For more information on the Pilates method or Joseph and Clara Pilates, please visit
A. Ron Fletcher passed away on DEC. 6th 2011 at 90 years of age. Ron is one of the few Master teachers that had the opportunity to study directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates. In addition to his devoted studies with Joe and Clara Pilates, Ron Fletcher also studied with visionaries such as Martha Graham, Agnes DeMille, Alma Hawkins, and Yeichi Nimura. Innovative techniques unique to Fletcher Pilates® are the Fletcher Percussive Breathing®, Fletcher Standing and Centering®, Fletcher Towelwork®, and Fletcher Floorwork®. • Innovative techniques unique to Fletcher Pilates® are Fletcher Percussive Breath™, Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, and Fletcher Barrework™ Devoting over 50 years of his life to the study of movement, Ron Fletcher has created a rich body of work designed to inform not only the body, but the mind, breath and spirit. Through his intuitive sense of movement and knowledge of the human body Ron Fletcher has created the most holistic approach to fitness and wellness available. Body Harmony is the only Pilates studio licensed in the state of Nevada to teach Fletcher Pilates®. For more information about Ron Fletcher and Fletcher Pilates®, please visit
A.When practiced diligently and with precision, no matter what your level of fitness the benefits of the Pilates method are felt and seen. Joseph H. Pilates said it himself, “In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 sessions you will see a difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body!
A.Wear clothing that you are comfortable in. You should not be distracted by your clothing or hair. You want to be able to move freely. Keep in mind that your instructor can give you more detailed attention when they can see your body clearly, so wearing something somewhat fitted is recommended. Since Pilates is practiced with bare feet, there is no need for shoes!
A. Similar to most conditioning programs consistency is crucial. For most individuals 2 to 3 times a week is the most effective provided that you are also participating in other forms of exercise. Combining the Pilates equipment work with the Pilates Matwork work is the best way to truly experience the benefits of the Pilates method. Body Harmony offers a variety of equipment classes as well as Matwork classes so that you are able to practice the full spectrum of the Pilates syllabus in a cost effective manner.
A.So long as you have been given clearance by your physician to begin a physical conditioning program, Pilates is a great way to get back in shape after recovering from an injury. The intensity of your workout can be especially tailored to your needs and your specific injury. In fact, health professionals at times have recommend Pilates to their patients as a means to become re-conditioned after an injury due to the gentle and rehabilitative nature of the Pilates method.
A.In order to lose weight it is essential to participate in aerobic activity such as cycling, swimming, running, etc. The Pilates work does not become aerobic until the advanced work is mastered. However, the Pilates method can be a tool in your weight loss program to help you build muscle mass, sculpt, define and tone your whole body.
A.The Pilates method is focused around strengthening the core of the body, which includes the entire torso not just the abs. An added benefit of strengthening the core of the body is that over time if worked correctly the abdominals (and the waistline) will become strong, lean, and flatten as they become more conditioned.
A.Absolutely! Pilates is a total body movement system and thus a total body conditioning system. As the whole body becomes more uniformly developed and conditioned you might feel increased flexibility in some unexpected places! Most often our clients tell us they feel increased flexibility throughout their body.
A.Similar to yoga, Pilates is a mindful practice. The premise of the Pilates method is to cultivate a uniformly developed mind and body. The three guiding Pilates Principles are whole body health, whole body commitment and breath. The Pilates method centers itself on eight basic movement principles; whole body movement, breathing, balanced muscle development, centering, concentration, control, rhythm and precision (PMA, 2006). These principles are similar to the concepts practiced in yoga, yet Pilates and yoga are two distinct movement practices. Pilates has a more athletic approach to fitness while in general (dependent upon the type of yoga practice) yoga tends to be more restorative. Both movement modalities center on a mind body connection and can compliment each other when both movement modalities are practiced.
A.Yes, bone density and joint health will improve. Most all of the Pilates equipment utilizes spring-based resistance which requires force from the musculature, which in turn creates force upon the tendons and ligaments and thus the force is translated to the bones, which helps to build bone density. Pilates will also help improve your balance, which will decrease the potential for falls and fractures.
A.The very nature of the Pilates method is to build a body that is lengthened and elongated while building strength, stamina and endurance. The Pilates method of conditioning the body does not build bulky musculature. The Pilates method of conditioning builds a body that is strong yet not bound up by heavy overdeveloped musculature.
A.There are several Pilates certification programs/schools, all of which offer different levels of training/certification. Some instructors receive a limited certification where they are only licensed to teach Pilates matwork work or Reformer work. One of the best ways to ensure that you are studying with a qualified Pilates Instructor, licensed to teach the full Pilates movement repertoire, on all of the Pilates apparatus’ is to go to the Pilates Method Alliance® website at At this website you will find a listing of all instructors that are PMA Pilates Certified™.
A.The PMA® was created in 2000 in an effort to regulate the quality of the Pilates industry by maintaining an adherence of standards, certification, and continuing education for Pilates professionals, (PMA®, 2003). For more information on the PMA® or the Pilates method, please visit
A.Absolutely NOT! Individuals of all ages are able to reap the many benefits of a comprehensive Pilates program.
A.No. As with most people beginning an exercise regime, the hardest part is getting started. Do not wait any longer to begin to get active! Pilates is for all bodies, shapes and sizes. An invigorating Pilates program may just be what you need to jump start your physical activity.
A.Please call Body Harmony at 775.825.8804 to set up an initial consultation. We will be happy to answer any lingering questions you may have or get you started right away with any of our studio offerings. We look forward to meeting you.
Private Pilates Session .......... $75
Package of 10 ........................ $600
Semi-Private Session ............. $55 (per person)
Package of 10 ......................... $396 (per person)
Reformer Class ....................... $30
Package of 10 ......................... $250
Reformer/Matwork Combo Class ... Individual $30 | Package of 10 $250
Package of 10 ......................... $125
BHP Monthly Unlimited ........... $240 (per month)
BHP Annual Unlimited ............. $2,400 (2 months FREE)
One year expiration. Non-Refundable / Non-Transferable.
All services are 55 minutes in length
1. When sessions are not canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment,
you will be charged in-full for the missed session. Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment so that your permanent time can be temporarily filled with another client.
2. For liability purposes, children (minors) that are not currently enrolled and taking
sessions at Body Harmony are not allowed at Body Harmony. We are not equipped with insurance/liability waivers that would allow children (minors) to be on Body Hamony premises' while not in a session.
3. Please turn cell phones to silent out of respect for other clients receiving
instruction in the studio.
4. All sessions must be paid for in full prior to the initiation of the scheduled
5. All group packages are non-refundable and non-transferrable
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